Inspire Dental Network Clinic Opening

Karachi: Alvi Dental Clinic’s sister project, Inspire Dental Network Clinic, has officially been launched today. Their new facility, located in Gulshan-E-Iqbal, offers a wide range of dental treatments. The opening for the clinic is taking place today on 27th August 2022 at their new establishment.

Previously, a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed by Dr. Awab Alvi and Dr Anas Athar of Bringing Smiles Inc. to initiate this new project. Inspire Dental Network came into being in order to provide excellent dental healthcare in the most affordable costs.

The clinic is in the core of the metropolitan city, catering to a large population with various dental illnesses, to provide a detailed treatment outcome that best suits the diagnosis.

Inspire Dental Network Clinic is the proud owner of fascinating diagnostic technology in the field of dentistry, comprising of a range of machinery such as their futuristic root canal microscopes, 3D scanning, CBCT technology as well as their digital radiography. The opening has been widely popular amongst the dental fraternity. Many young and experienced dentists arrived to show their support and appreciation for the new project. Dr. Faran Farooq , Dr. Uzair Mughal and prominent personality Jehan Ara were also present at the event. Many resonated with the objective of the project, which is to provide a solid support system for dentists in Pakistan, to be trained under renowned dentists in order to develop a strong skillset soon after graduation, and be able to provide beneficial dental treatment.

This is an American concept birthed through the dreams of two immaculate dentists in Pakistan. The dental workforce for the Inspire Dental Clinic shall be trained in chair-side manners, sterilisation protocols, and treatment standards.

The opening was a beautiful commemoration of the launch of this institution and was followed by a Hi- Tea, to close the event.


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