‘I’m Booked’: Dental Offices Feel the Strain of High Demand | News

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.- Many dentists are booking months out or not taking new patients with demand reaching a high. 

Judy Majul works at Peninsula Dental in Millsboro. She said she hasn’t had a break all day. 

“I’m booked. Yeah, I’m booked,” Majul said. 

She said it is common for her to have a full schedule, and their office isn’t even accepting new patients.

“I am seeing patients all day every day. I wanted to take off a day, and I’ve actually come back to the practice because I needed to see the patients,” she said.

Majul said as the area grows she thinks there is more demand than ever for dentists. 

WRDE spoke to many practices across Sussex County that are booking many months out.

Wendy Brafman tries to get as many people as she can through the doors at Brafman Family Dental. 

“You have to be persistent. You have to care,” she said. 

Sometimes things like staffing shortages make it difficult to take in as many patients as she’d like.

“If have trouble with staff, I can’t see as many patients. It doesn’t matter how many dentists you have in Delaware, if you don’t have the staff to support it, you can only see so many people in a day,” Brafman said.

Ashley Elliot says she’s been waiting almost a year to get into a dentist.

“Now I’ve gone over a year without a cleaning so definitely not as often as i should be going,” Elliot said. 

Many dentists stress the importance of staying up to date.

“People need to know how important it is and make that a priority,” Brafman said.


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