IADSR conducts workshop on dental composites  

LAHORE: Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research (IADSR) conducted one day workshop titled ‘Dental Composites – Fundamental Concepts’.

 The workshop was a part of the IADSR 8th Professional Diploma in Advanced General dentistry (PDAGD). Dr Saqib Qazi facilitated it.

 Dr Saqib initiated the workshop by describing the importance of direct composites in general practice to the participants. Problems that result from polymerization shrinkage, differentiation between polymerization stress and polymerization shrinkage, and the effect of polymerization stress on adhesion were taught to the participants. The facilitator also elaborated on the role of an inorganic filler and organic matrix in developing the properties of composites.

Dr Saqib thoroughly explained the classification of composites, micro-mechanical retention, and clinically relevant adhesive systems. A hands-on session on identifying high viscosity composite, high viscosity bulk-fill composite, flowable composite, and flowable bulk-fill composite was performed.

 Dr Qazi also discussed strategies for minimizing polymerization stress and shrinkage, slow start polymerization technique, optimal requirements for shade selection and the importance of appropriate use of light curing techniques.

 The facilitator enthusiastically answered the queries raised by the participants. Participants performed the bulk-fill technique, incremental build-up based on calculating the C-factor for each increment. They operated the curing light using a slow start polymerization technique. Lastly, treatment planning was discussed in-depth, and the facilitator gave valuable suggestions.


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