I won a £19,000 payout when I was left DRIBBLING after a routine dentist appointment

A WOMAN has received a £19,000 payout when she was left with a dribble after a routine dentist appointment.

Katherine Lake, 57, had a tooth extracted which dental negligence solicitors say was unwarranted. 


Katherine Lake, 57, claims she was left with a dribble following an allegedly unnecessary tooth extractionCredit: BPM

Ms Lake, of Loughborough, said she now has nerve damage and “half her lip is permanently numb”, making it difficult to eat or drink without a straw.

She said: “The experience has seriously impacted my day-to-day life. 

“I used to play the bagpipes in a band and am physically no longer able to do this. 

“I also have difficulty eating and drinking and sometimes dribble without realising, which makes public situations harder.

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“Smiling isn’t the same anymore and I feel very self-conscious about my face. 

“I’ve had to undergo counselling to deal with the clinical trauma as the anxiety that now surrounds visiting the dentist is all-consuming, and often disturbs my sleep.”

Katherine had initially sought treatment for toothache under the care of Dr Rebecca Moss and Dr John Frazer Wanstall at YourSmile Dental Care in Loughborough.

Neither dentist has admitted liability, and both have said they do not agree with the alleged facts of the case as presented by the Dental Law Partnership, which took up Ms Lake’s case in 2018.

The payment was agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

Ms Lake was given fillings to ease her pain, her lawyers claimed, however she says the agony persisted.

The tooth was later removed on the advice of the dentists, lawyers said.

But following that operation, she lost feeling in her mouth, it was claimed. 

The Dental Law Partnership alleged its investigators found that the tooth did not need to be removed.

They uncovered a number of alleged errors in the patient’s care and treatment.

Ms Lake, of Loughborough, went for a number of check-ups at YourSmile Dental Care in the years prior to the tooth’s removal.

Inquiries by the Dental Law Partnership found that during those check-ups, both Dr Moss and Dr Wanstall allegedly failed to acknowledge and treat the decay on the tooth they would later extract, it claimed.

The extraction led to consequences for the patient which have negatively affected her physical and mental health, with symptoms including an unpredictable dribble.

Ms Lake said: “I thought having the tooth removed would help get rid of the pain I had originally been dealing with. 

“However it didn’t seem to help at all. It was three days after the extraction that I knew something really wasn’t right.

“The constant ache on the left side of my face continued and developed into an infection which caused a lot of pain and I needed antibiotics to recover.”

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In a joint statement to ITV, Dr Moss and Dr Wanstall said: “We would like to make it clear that we do not agree with the facts as conveyed by the Dental Law Partnership, and we will not provide details of any patient’s treatment and management because of our professional duty to protect the confidentiality of our patients.”

The Sun contacted both dentists for comment.


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