How to tell the difference between simple forgetfulness and warning signs of dementia

Sutula also advised caregivers facing a dementia diagnosis of a loved one to act early and strengthen their support networks both inside the family and with outside groups.

“For caregivers, it feels like it’s a lonely disease, but it doesn’t have to be,” she said. “There’s a lot of people who are experts or who have been there and can help, if only to make you feel like you’re not alone.”

Sutula recommends looking online for local dementia support groups or checking out the following resources:

The Alzheimer’s Association provides information, articles and even a live chat link for caregivers of a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia at

The Family Caregiver Alliance connects caregivers with others who are facing similar struggles. Visit

Memory Cafes, located in churches, medical facilities and community centers around the country, give caregivers and patients with cognitive issues a safe space to socialize. Visit

The Cleveland Clinic operates, an online resource that allows anyone to access their brain health and learn more about how to preserve your memory.

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