How to Prevent Your Clinic From Flooding in the Monsoon Rains?

Heavy rainfall across Pakistan has resulted in flooding across the country. Over the weekend, Karachi faced a record downpour, resulting in urban flooding throughout the city. At the same time, Karachi has not yet recovered from the aftermath of the monsoon spell. Another system is about to hit the city, which is expected to be another heavy spell. 

The urban flooding has wreaked havoc resulting in severe damage to the citizens’ properties. In light of the monsoon, take a look at some ways you should take to prevent your clinic from flooding.

1. Sandbags to the rescue 

If your clinic is at the road level, standing rainwater can quickly come inside from below the doors and shutters. Blocking the water at the entrances is the only way to prevent flooding in the clinic. Make sure to block all the entrances with sandbags and coverings. 

2. Get repairing done beforehand

Rainwater tends to leak from the nooks and crocks in the walls. If that’s the case, seeping water can damage the clinical equipment and dental unit. Ensure proper safety of the clinic by getting all the repairs done beforehand. Covering the tables and equipment with plastic covers can help prevent water damage. 

3. Switch off the power supply

Electrocution incidents are the most common during heavy rain spells. During the rain, it is ideal to shut down all the power sources to prevent accidents. If you are working in the clinic amidst the rainfall, it is best to stay put and avoid work to ensure the safety of both yourself and your patients. 

4. Watch out for leaking doors & windows

Heavy monsoon spells can result in water seeping from the doors and windows. This can also be due to a lack of sheds and overhangs on the window. Covering the window frames with rubber strips and weather sheets can prevent water damage. 

5. Secure water tanks 

Flooding can result in sewerage water overflow and contamination of the water tanks. Contaminated tank water can damage the suction units and water jet making it challenging to clean. Ensure proper covering and drainage system around the water source supplying the dental clinic so clean water is available at all times.

While there can be plenty of unforeseen circumstances, following these few tips can help you prepare for the monsoon season and prevent your dental property from crucial damage.


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