How to eat your Halloween candy, dental experts reveal

While Halloween brings the excitement of costumes and frightening character displays, the post Halloween side effects are rather dreadful. Dental experts now advise adults and children how to safely consume the excessive Halloween candy.

Dental professionals have taken a more realistic approach to their dental advice in the Halloween season. Most dentists advise against sugary treats, but during Halloween season, they realise that remaining tight lipped to candies and chocolates is almost impossible.

Dentists and dental hygienists have now approved of the overload of sugary treats during the Halloween season.

According to these experts, while sugary treats are not good for oral health or diabetes and adults as well as children are advised to keep the intake of sugar at a minimum, the short period of sugar surge during Halloween can do very little harm, if any.

However, brushing and flossing after any intake of sugary, sticky foods shall help minimize the risk by not letting the foods linger on in the mouth for long


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