‘Hire to Fire’ at prestigious dental clinics

Karachi: It is no surprise that while more and more dentists enter the professional world, there are fewer jobs available. Some clinics however have an interesting way to utilise the helplessness of dentists for their clinics.

One clinic, particularly located in the posh locality of Clifton, has been recently enjoying the luxury of hiring a certain number of dentists as “Associates” for their clinic, only to fire them within the first month of their employment.

This particular clinic, has been running successfully for more than a decade and has been catering to a large number of the high-class society, providing dental services for many years.

Recently, the clinic has adopted the “hire and fire” attitude when it comes to applicants and aspiring dentists. The clinic has been known to hire female dentists, have them work in a toxic clinic environment where insulting and admonishing are common, and do away with them when the next applicant walks in.

According to a former employee, the clinic hardly allows for breaks in between patients, nor provides a designated lunch time. All junior dentists are required to be on their feet during, after, and post, patients. Staying back after clinic hours is also encouraged and shows “dedication” to the job. Most associates reluctantly stay back every day and end up leaving for home by 9 pm. Please note that most of these associates are females.

During the interview process, potential associates are told that their first month will be their probation period, after which, it will be decided whether they will become permanent employees or not.

After this disclaimer, the clinic owner creates a difficult and toxic environment, making the associates water plants, paint walls, mop floors, and refill air- fresheners throughout the clinic.

While young dentists feel helpless in the attempt to please the employer for lack of better job oppoutunities or a reasonable stipend, the employer seems to take advantage of the situation.

By the end of the first month, this clinic owner fires the newly hired dentists. The excuse provided is usually “I don’t think it’s working out”.

This has recently been known to occur to numerous junior dentists, killing their confidence and negatively impacting their mental health.

It is of utmost importance to understand that while certain clinics are doing a great job of imparting knowledge and providing an opportunity for young dentists, to learn and earn, other clinics are not allowing the younger generation to grow under their employment.

I would advise the younger generation of dentists to be wary of these clinics, and avoid applying to them for job opportunities. The workplace is where one spends more than half of their day, it is imperative to be sure that wherever one works: clinic, hospital or otherwise, it should be one that fosters teamwork, goodwill, and compassion.


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