Hippo undergoes dental check-up in Japan zoo

Hippopotamus, the world’s third largest mammal, are very dangerous creatures but they are cute at the same time. The size of their face and sharp teeth can kill a human in an instant but a video of a Hippo caretaker will make you surprise.

In the video, a man can be seen cleaning the teeth of Hippo with a large brush in Japan’s Osaka zoo. The video is doing rounds on social media.

Hippo came swimming through the water in the video and opened its mouth in front of the man. The doctor looked at his gums and the roots of the teeth and then after that started cleaning the teeth with a jumbo size toothbrush.

Despite being a dangerous creature, the person in the video is very comfortably cleaning the teeth of the world’s third largest animal.

This video has around 4 lakh views on social media and received mixed reactions on the video.

A user asked that Hippos are so violent, then how did he let this man go near him? while another replied that other creatures like Hippo are more dangerous in the jungles but in zoo, they are trained in such a way that they start believing things.

Despite having such a heavyweight, Hippos are amazing swimmers. Even though they are vegetarians, they do not hesitate in taking the life of a human being or their enemy. However, there have been many such incidents when people have been attacked by Hippopotamus.


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