Henry Schein One, VideaHealth partner on AI-based dental tech

Henry Schein One and Internet Brands announced a partnership with VideaHealth to introduce an AI-enabled dental X-ray tool.

As a result, the Henry Schein joint venture intends to introduce the Dentrix Detect AI-powered platform. Manufactured by VideaHealth, the system integrates directly into Dentrix practice management systems. This integration with VideaHealth’s computer-assisted detection device helps oral health professionals utilize AI in dental practices.

Dentrix Detect uses AI-enabled X-ray analysis to provide real-time clinical decision support to dentists. Its full integration into Detrix allows it to work within existing workflows. This eliminates the need for dentists to import or export images to utilize the AI analysis function.

The platform automatically analyzes every image to help dentists more efficiently evaluate radiographs and other images. This allows them to offer greater transparency to patients.

“Artificial intelligence has made a profound impact on several different industries, and Henry Schein One is committed to investing in AI solutions that can provide greater value for dental practices and patients,” said Paul Hao, chief product officer, Henry Schein One. “Together with VideaHealth, we look forward to helping dental professionals further elevate the digitalization of patient care through AI.”

Why VideaHealth?

Henry Schein One said it selected VideaHealth based on the accuracy of its dental pathology detection solution. Other reasons for the selection include patient experience and the VideaHealth platform’s ease of use. The company said it allows Dentrix users to augment clinical decisions chairside and provide the right treatment at the right time.

“We are thrilled to be working with Henry Schein One to bring our AI caries detection solution to Dentrix users,” said Florian Hillen, founder and CEO, VideaHealth. “Having our AI detection technology seamlessly integrated into the Dentrix software that dentists use every day is a huge step forward. Dentists can now easily and immediately begin utilizing AI to help them make the most accurate patient diagnoses possible.”


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