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Have scary good hygiene this October in celebration of National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month.

Halloween is just around the corner; a scary time for kids, and a scarier time for their dentists. Your friends at Hamilton Dental Associates suggest, It’s OK to eat that candy on Halloween but it’s important to have a plan. Here’s what families can do to keep their teeth healthy during the spooky season. October is also National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month so here is a plan to help oral care during the scare season!

Sticky Situations. Chocolate is one of the most common candies during Halloween. Fortunately, chocolate washes off your teeth easily, and darker chocolates have less sugar. For the stickier treats, however, stay picky. Candy like taffy, gummy bears, and hard candies stay in your mouth much longer than chocolate, which gives cavity-causing, tooth-decaying bacteria more time to work. It’s tempting to keep that candy around, but your dentists will thank you for limiting your stash.

Free Trade. Always inspect the loot after trick-or-treating for anything unsafe (allergens, tampered wrappers, choking hazards, etc.). We also recommend proposing trades for downsizing the children’s sugary stashes. For sticky candies, especially, try trading them for new toys, movie tickets, or your pieces of chocolate. Family fun and health are not mutually exclusive here.

Blowing Bubbles. Chewing gum might be your best friend this Halloween. Find your favorite sugar-free gum and keep it handy. Gum stimulates saliva production, naturally rinsing the mouth and preventing plaque. Chew after each meal or snack for optimized oral health.

Favoring Fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that prevents cavities and tooth decay, especially in early development. It can be found in toothpastes and most bottled water. For additional supplements, talk to us at Hamilton Dental Associates about fluoride mouthwash, tablets, or gels. Increasing your children’s fluoride intake can help combat any sweet tooth this season.

Practice Makes Perfect. With all of the pumpkin flavoring and sweet treats, it’s hard to think about oral hygiene.

For the best long-term outcomes, though, it is necessary to establish a strict, consistent routine. This means brushing and mouthwash at least twice a day, cleaning in-between teeth, limiting sugary beverages and snacks, and drinking plenty of water. Have the kids pick out their favorite toothbrush and 3-minute tune for a family-fun, tooth-brushing time.

If you are looking for a partner to help with your child’s oral care or looking for a long term plan, contact Hamilton Dental Associates to set up an appointment today!

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