Halloween candy that’s important to avoid to prevent tooth decay

Ghouls and goblins will be scaring up plenty of treats on Monday, prompting the Ontario Dental Association to list the good, bad and ugly Halloween candies.

The association doesn’t recommend indulging in chips, caramel, gummies, and licorice because they get stuck in teeth and potentially cause tooth decay.

Sour candies are “even more dangerous,” the dental group noted because the acid that makes them tart could erode enamel.

It also suggests steering clear of hard candies because the sugar soaks into teeth as they dissolve, that includes lollipops.

So what can you enjoy from your goodie bag?

There is good news… for chocolate lovers. The association said plain chocolate is okay to eat in moderation because it dissolves quickly.

The dental association provided a few tips to avoid over-indulging in sweets and keeping teeth and gums healthy:

  • Eat candy after a meal or eat cheese before candy. Eating a meal will limit the chance of overdoing it, and cheese creates a protective, vitamin-rich coating on teeth.

  • Choose nuts. They are a healthy, tooth-friendly snack.

  • Flossing is a must to remove leftovers from between the teeth.

  • And wait 30 minutes after treats before brushing to prevent damaging enamel.


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