Free dental services for Scarlet Pearl employees

Scarlet Pearl employees opened wide for on-site dental care services.

Today and tomorrow, Jet Dental brings the dentist office to the casino. Six mobile dental rooms offer exams, cleanings, x-rays, teeth whitening, and more.

The services are no cost to employees and their immediate family with company dental insurance.

With more than 50 employees signed up for dental care, they had to spread out appointments over two days.  Scarlet Pearl VP of Human Resources Gretchen Holzhauser said, “One thing that we found out through the pandemic is people took a step back from self-health and self-care and we wanted to make it really easy for our employees to go to the dentist. We have an onsite clinic and so we thought why not bring the dentist here for the employees. Both days are fully booked so we’re definitely going to do this again.”

The Scarlet Pearl will offer these services again in six months to make it convenient for employees to keep up with oral hygiene.


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