Formlabs announces partnership with Digital Smile Design to advance dental 3D printing

Formlabs and Digital Smile Design (DSD) have announced the development of ‘robust 3D printing digital workflow solutions and curricula’ that will bolster efficiency and patient treatment outcomes in dentistry. 

According to Formlabs, an aim of the company is to expand access to digital fabrication so that anyone can make anything. Its new partner, DSD says that the new collaboration with Formlabs underlines its commitment to joining forces with organisations that share the same values, which are a ‘vision for the future of dentistry’ and a ‘dedication to advancing the profession.’

“Only great things will happen when we combine the teams from both sides to continue developing the future of dentistry. Among many other things, we share the same key value with Formlabs of inventing solutions to make the life of dental professionals easier,” said Dr. Christian Coachman, DSD Founder and CEO.

Prior to the official partnership, DSD had already been using Formlabs printers since the release of the Form 2.

“Digital transformation in dentistry is spreading rapidly and Digital Smile Design company is leading the way with their use of Formlabs 3D printing. To continue industry adoption, education is critical and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Dr. Christian Coachman and the DSD to develop robust digital workflow solutions and curricula that will bolster efficiency and patient treatment outcomes that 3D printing provides in dentistry,” said Guillaume Bailliard, President of the Healthcare division of Formlabs.

DSD is looking to make 3D printing commonplace in dental clinics, and hope to advance the printing of more advanced appliances based on new resins, according to DSD Research and Development Manager George Cabanas. The company currently uses five Form 3B printers.

Cabanas added: “The ease of use of the Form 3B/3B+ printers, the variety of resins, and the affordable system price make it a no-brainer for any dental lab to introduce multiple Formlabs printers in their production process.”

TCT recently covered the story of how clear aligner manufacturer Modern Clear is using Formlabs 3D printers for the company’s products.

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