Focus on dental health and wellness | News

The Oct. 20 meeting of GFWC Warrenton Woman’s Club was hosted by the club’s Health and Wellness Community Service Program committee, chaired by Sherry Thompson. She reminded members and guests that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and National Dental Hygiene Month.  A new club member, Debbie Traver-Siller (standing), was then introduced to present the evening’s program.  She shared copies of domestic violence awareness pamphlets distributed at the Oct. 4 Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil held at Courthouse Square.  Traver-Siller, a dental hygienist, then explained why dental health and hygiene are so important. She emphasized that the mouth is the gateway to the body, and that loads of bacteria live in the mouth and on the tongue. Keeping oral health on track keeps bacteria at bay, Traver-Siller said. She warned that without proper dental hygiene, children and adults may develop issues such as tooth decay and gum disease, and could also risk jeopardizing their overall health.



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