FJDC celebrates Earth Day 

KARACHI:  Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) recently celebrated Earth Day to raise public awareness about environmental issues affecting the planet. 

 22nd April is recognized as Earth Day globally, which means everyone has a right to a clean, unpolluted world. This day is observed to make people aware of their responsibility to care for the planet.

 Everyone wore clothes of earthy-toned colours. Dr Zubia Waqar, Assistant Professor, FJDC, addressed the students regarding Green Dentistry, an eco-friendly approach that is kinder to the planet and creates a caring ambience for patients. It is an innovative way of dental practice which is environment friendly. It conserves money and time by reducing waste, conserving energy and decreasing pollution using the latest techniques and procedures.

 Students participated by creating impressive posters and projects. Various competitions relevant to the Earth Day theme were also held. Prizes were distributed to the best ones in each category. Trees were planted around the campus, which the students graciously donated. 


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