First joint MOD and NHS Primary Healthcare Facility opens in Wiltshire

Officially opened by Min DPV the new Larkhill Medical and Dental Centre was delivered under the Army Basing Programme (ABP). With facilities in Bulford and Tidworth, Wiltshire is set to become a showcase ‘hub’ for future military healthcare services.

This is the first facility in Wiltshire to offer shared MOD and NHS Primary Healthcare provision. Comprising two GP practices (MOD and NHS) with consulting and treatment rooms, each practice also has a dispensary. Housed within the building is a Defence Primary Health Care (DPHC) Dental Centre consisting of 12 dental chairs with supporting assets. The Dental Centre serves the military population only.

Warren Webster, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, MPP Programme Director – Army said:

The DIO is very proud to have delivered this purpose-built healthcare facility via the PAC PFI contract with Aspire Defence.

The DIO, alongside the Army, have worked closely with local authorities, the NHS and other Government Departments and local service providers to ensure enough housing, schooling, medical, welfare and dental provision has been made available to support the ABP.

Minister for Defence Personnel, Veterans and Service Families Dr Andrew Murrison said:

I was delighted to open the Larkhill Medical and Dental Centre. It is truly state-of-the-art. Delivered under the successful Army Basing Programme, it rightly provides the very best primary care facilities and is a model for Defence-NHS cooperation.

It has been incredibly useful to see first-hand how this investment has not only benefitted our Service personnel but also the local community.

Director Basing and Infrastructure, Major General Richard Clements said:

The £1.8Bn investment in the estate under the Army Basing Programme has truly made a difference to our Service personnel, their families and local communities across the UK.

Infrastructure is actually about people, not buildings, and this facility perfectly embodies that. We are committed to creating sustainable environments in which all of our people can better live, work and train.

The centre was built within the land surrounding Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which resulted in a number of considerations being developed in consultation with the Planning Authority and English Heritage and incorporated into the design of the building and adjacent areas, to ensure that the sight line from Stonehenge was not affected.

The ABP has delivered the Government’s 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review commitment to bring all UK military units back from Germany by 2020 and to move and re-role military units to implement the Army 2020 Plan, generating savings building to £240M per year.


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