Finance Dept turns down Kerala Governor’s request to start dental clinic inside Raj Bhavan

Thiruvananthapuram: The Finance Department has turned down Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s request to start a dental clinic inside Raj Bhavan as the rift between the latter and the state government escalated to new levels. Dr Davendra Kumar Dhodawat, Principal Secretary to the Governor, sent a letter to KR Jyothilal, Principal Secretary to the Government of Kerala, seeking allocation of Rs 10 lakh urgently to start the clinic. However, the Finance Department chose not to act on the matter.

The sources from the Finance Department revealed that they have received letters stating many such needs from Raj Bhavan before. A photographer was given permanent appointment due to mounting pressure. There is no such post in Raj Bhavan. The vacant position of cypher assistant was converted to the photographer post.

It was stated in the letter sent by the Governor to the CM in December that the person recommended by him should be given a permanent appointment. Following this, the photographer who was working on a contract basis for 22 years was given a permanent appointment three months later.

The Governor sought permanent appointments for 20 temporary employees. He stated that these employees have 4 to 9 years of experience.


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