FDI shares presentation on periodontal health

GENEVA: The FDI World Dental Federation has recently issued a presentation to increase people’s awareness of the consequences of periodontal disease that has not been treated.

The PowerPoint presentation, based on the company’s White Paper on Prevention and Management of Periodontal Illnesses for Oral Health and General Health, demonstrates how preventable oral diseases inflict a substantial burden on many countries worldwide.

According to FDI, “Approximately 50 per cent of the global adult population is plagued by periodontal disease.” Periodontal disease is a condition that not only has the potential to result in the loss of teeth but is also known to be related to conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

FDI has developed a presentation that is intended to “provide oral health professionals with a comprehensive summary of the main issues related to the global prevalence and impact, aetiology and pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases.” This presentation is part of FDI’s more considerable effort to educate oral health professionals worldwide about the dangers that periodontal disease poses to human health.

Moreover, it also outlines the key challenges in confronting the burden of periodontal diseases and proposes an action plan for oral health practitioners, politicians, and other related players.

The complete presentation can be accessed here.


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