Fakenham dentist given enforcement action after inspection

5:42 PM May 13, 2022

The boss of a Norfolk dentist says she was devastated at being told part of the business needed “enforcement action” following an inspection.

Teresa Kleinhans, manager of Wensum Dental Practice, in Fakenham, said she and staff had been working through lunch breaks to rectify issues raised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Teresa Kleinhans runs Wensum Dental Practice in Fakenham
– Credit: Teresa Kleinhans

An inspector from the health watchdog, supported by a specialist dental adviser, concluded after last month’s visit that the practice was ‘safe’ and ‘effective’, but was not ‘well-led’. 

A spokesman for the CQC said: “We carried out an inspection at Wensum Dental Practice to look at whether the service was safe, effective and well-led.

“We found the practice was safe and effective, but that the care provided was not well-led.

“We have told the service what it needs to do to improve, and will inspect again in the coming months to ensure these measures have been taken.”

Wensum Dental Practice on Norwich Road.

Wensum Dental Practice on Norwich Road.

– Credit: Teresa Kleinhans

CQC inspections usually examine five key areas but, due to constraints brought about by Covid-19, only safety, effectiveness and leadership were assessed at Wensum Dental Practice. 

The resulting report highlighted a number of issues falling into the ‘well-led’ category, including a lack of fire training and inadequate recruitment procedures.

It said: “DBS checks and references had not been completed for staff to ensure they were suitable to work with vulnerable adults and children at the point of their employment.

“A comprehensive fire risk assessment of the premises had not been carried out and staff had not received appropriate fire training.

Teresa Kleinhans works at Wensum Dental Practice in Fakenham

Wensum Dental Practice in Fakenham
– Credit: Teresa Kleinhans

“There was no system in place to ensure missing medicines could be easily identified and accounted for.”

Mrs Kleinhans revealed she was “devastated”, adding that staff shortages had played a part in the rating. 

The 54-year-old said: “I wanted to rectify it there and then, and everyone felt the same about it.

“We were working through lunches, staying later, just to get it done because it bothered everyone and we wanted to sort it out.”

Mrs Kleinhans said all issues had now been addressed, with proof sent to the CQC who will return for a follow-up inspection in six months’ time. 

The CQC said it had not been aware of staffing issues on the day of its inspection.


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