Everything you need to know about the MFDS, MJDF Exams

MFDS and MJDS exams are getting more recognition with time. Students and faculty members have expanded their knowledge and expertise as they participate in membership programs. Today we discuss all the benefits and requirements for these exams and why students opt for them.

MFDS Exam 

MFDS is “The diploma of membership of faculty of dental surgery.” The program is equivalent to a postgraduate diploma and offers deep understanding and knowledge to students regarding dentistry. The qualification is recognised internationally, offering a basic foundation and demonstration in the field. MFDS requires both clinical skills and academic experience acquired during the dental foundation.

MFDS Course

The MFDS course tests the skills and expertise as it requires more profound knowledge and understanding of the clinical context. The exam consists of two parts – the first comprises multiple choice and extended matching questions. The second part of the exam consists of an OSCE-based exam with real-life situations and cases in the dental setting.

Once the candidate has cleared part 1, the time frame of five years is allowed to clear part 2.

MFDS Recognition

All UK royal colleges also recognise the internationally recognised qualification. It is equivalent to MJDF, which the Royal College of surgeons of England offers.

MJDF Exam 

MJDF stands for “Diploma of membership of the joint dental faculty of the royal college of surgeons of England.” The exam previously replaced the MFGDP and is now being phased out as MFDS is taking its place.

MJDF Course 

MJDF also comprises two parts of the exam. The first part consists of multiple choice questions, extended matching questions and single best answers. The part exam consists of osce stations and examines the clinical practices and skills of the candidates.

MJDF Recognition 

It is Equivalent to MFDS (Conducted by RCPS Edinburg and RCPS Glasgow) and MFD (Conducted by RCS Ireland).

Difference Between MJDF & MFDS

These exams are considered the first step of career pathways. Since both exams offer postgraduate diplomas. The exams verify that the practitioner has gained the standard skillset expected after two years of full-time work.

While MFDS requires a span of training before the candidate is eligible to take the exam, MJDF, on the other hand, can be taken immediately after graduation.

The programs offer multiple advantages to dentists since it is an arc in career development with increased job prospects. These exams can set the candidates apart from the crowd and can open more doors to employment opportunities.

While both exams offer the same merits, one is not better than the other, and the choice is yours which one you must opt for.


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