Eon Dental announces dates for its Over-The-Shoulder training in Jeddah

Middle East: Eon Dental, a leading dental technology company that specializes in the design and production of unique and patient-friendly clear aligners, has announced the dates for its second ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ (OTS) training session. The inaugural OTS training session took place in October and immensely positive feedback has encouraged the Jordan-based company to continue its plan of hosting monthly sessions in various locations across the Middle East.

Each OTS training session is a tailored hands-on experience that enables regional dental professionals to master the fundamentals of clear aligners, with ultimate proficiency and confidence. Dr. Samer Sunna of Sunna Orthodontic in Amman, Jordan, spearheaded Eon’s first OTS in September. Leveraging a decade-plus of dentistry experience, Dr. Samer helped dental professionals enhance their overall knowledge and skills as he walked them through a full patient journey with the end goal of teaching them to better treat mild to complex cases of malocclusion.

Following the success of this inaugural OTS, Eon has announced that the second monthly session is set to take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The full-day training session will take place on the 24th of November at the Dr. Mohammed Husseini clinic. Participants who attend the limited-seating event will learn about how to select the right cases, how to submit cases, and how to review treatment setups from Dr. Mohamad Al Husini of Dandachi Dental Clinic. Attending dentists will also be educated on best practices for fitting visits, which include interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachment, as well as active patient follow-ups, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Qais Sabri, Co-Founder, and CEO of Eon Dental commented, “​​Orthodontists were hesitant to adopt clear aligners when they were first introduced to the global dental sector, due to a lack of clinical support, but improved industry knowledge and technological advancement and have since proven their benefits[1]. We are holding multiple events, courses, and learning modules to ensure the continued technological adoption of clear aligners. Our goal with these newly implemented OTS training sessions is to enhance awareness around the benefits of clear aligners and simultaneously ensure dental practitioners in the region are equipped to treat patients and provide the best possible care. We have accordingly organized a roster of experts in the field who provide fresh insights and unique perspectives to achieve this. The next training session will build on the success of the last, and help create a foundation for the upcoming events which foster a greater dental community for dentists and patients alike.”

Every Over-The-Shoulder session will feature a different dental expert from different clinics in the region. The tailored training sessions add to Eon Dental’s efforts of leveraging its clinical and technological know-how to enable doctors to treat a wide variety of malocclusions.


About Eon Dental

Eon Dental is a full-service clear aligner company in the MENA region with a worldwide distribution network and a reputation for exceptional clear aligner products. The company is underpinned by two divisions, Eon Enterprise and Eon Aligner, which serve the white-label clear aligner market and the direct-to-dentist segments respectively. The company of 300+ has witnessed tremendous growth and has recently raised a $26 million series B funding round to continue to fuel its global expansion across MENA, Asia, Europe, and the US markets.

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