Dr. Samira Meymand promoted to captain in United States Navy

Dr. Meymand was the first female oral maxillofacial surgeon to practice in the heart of Mandarin. Now, she’s adding another title to her list of achievements.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In this week’s “Stories of Service,” we want to honor an extraordinary woman in our community.  

Dr. Samira Meymand recently achieved the rank of captain in the United States Navy. She has served for 26 years on active and reserve duty. On top of all that, she’s the first female oral maxillofacial surgeon to practice in the heart of Mandarin. 

“I want to have a good purpose and a foundational purpose and have a legacy of where I’m leaving something behind,” Dr. Samira Meymand said. 

When you speak with Dr. Meymand, you can tell her heart is devoted to helping others. 

“I’m not carrying a gun and fighting.  I’m supporting and serving those who are.  I’m able to use my skill set, so when they get injured, I can fix them.”

The Texas native serves as the commanding officer of 14th Dental Company, 4th Dental Battalion leading the dental readiness of Marines and Sailors along the East Coast. Captain Meymand joined the Navy in 1996 on an academic scholarship to attend Baylor College of Dentistry, where she graduated with honors. 

She was elevated to her position as captain in October. 

“I was honored to have the Deputy Surgeon General of the Navy come down to actually promote me.  She’s the first female dentist that was a Surgeon General Deputy basically.”

Captain Meymand’s Navy career has taken her around the world.  She was deployed to Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2004. Her surgical residency coincided with the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Captain Meymand performed critical surgical procedures for wounded warriors. 

“There have been victims of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that I’ve been able to help in putting their faces back together and I think that’s the biggest honor that I can ever be able to achieve.”

Here at home, she has continued her service to our community. During the height of COVID-19, she administered vaccines on the NAS Jacksonville base.  She was also available for emergencies and mentored junior sailors.   

“I take calls at Orange Park Hospital for trauma calls.  I have patients that come in with jaw fractures, motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds and I’m able to use what I learned in the military to help people in the community.”  

Captain Meymand comes from a military family. Her father served in the Iranian Imperial Navy prior to the revolution in 1979. 

“When I was very young, I always loved his uniform.  I thought his uniform was a very well-respected achievement for him.”

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Captain Meymand says she wants to inspire the next generation of women in the military. 

“I think if any little girl is watching, as my dad would say, shoot for the stars. Always shoot for what your dreams are. Don’t get discouraged.  Sometimes the answer may be “no,” but it may be “no right now.”  In the future, they still may be able to do it.”

Thank you Dr. Meymand for your service to our community and our country. Remember, if you have a story of service to share, email us at storiesofservice@firstcoastnews.com.


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