Dr. Hsuan-Li Lin finds a home and successful career in Crawford County

Hsuan-Li Lin, a dentist, is the son of Ling-Lan and Hwa Lin. Dr. Lin’s father, Hwa, came from Taiwan to the United States in 1980 in search of a better life for his family. Hwa worked in the restaurant business in New York City and then on to Indianapolis. His final move was to Ohio in 1988 where he established the first Chinese restaurant in Galion, China Wok. 

Hwa Lin was anxious to bring his family to the U.S. At 7 years old, Hsuan-Li was placed on a plane in Taipei, Taiwan, and flew across the Pacific to America. His mom, Ling-Lan Lin came to Galion about half a year later.

When Hsuan-Li arrived in Galion, it was the start of a big adjustment. His hometown of Taipei was a metropolis filled with skyscrapers and a bustling city life. He imagined America to be the same. He soon realized Galion is a very small town. In addition, he did not speak English. It was challenging to have to learn a new language and culture. He also missed his extended family and friends back home. 


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