Don’t ignore your Oral health; tips to keep in mind to avoid bad breath

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Our oral health plays a significant role in our lives It is considered that the mouth is the mirror of our general health. Additionally, our smiles influence our confidence and appearance as well. A healthy oral cavity and a gorgeous smile aren’t achieved overnight. It requires consistent and correct efforts. One must invest time and effort into maintaining oral health and aesthetics.

Tips to take care of our oral health

1. Brush and floss

We have been told to brush twice daily since we were kids. Brushing removes leftover food particles stuck in between teeth that may bond with saliva to form plaque. The bacteria tend to survive on these particles and damage the enamel with their digestive acids, causing tooth decay. Flossing is another great way to eliminate food that may get stuck in the gap between our teeth. Therefore, brushing and flossing are of the utmost importance.

2. Stay hydrated

Among all the tips for a healthy smile, don’t overlook this one. One should drink water frequently to keep their mouth hydrated and free of undesired excess acid. Try to avoid sugary, aerated, and caffeine-laden drinks.

3. Seek timely treatment

The biggest myth is dental treatments are expensive, but the truth is ignoring the problem at the initial level makes the treatment costly. Depending on our case and the type of clinic, a tooth cleaning procedure typically costs between Rs. 500-2,000. It is equally important to check the treatment required, quality of care, and cost before enrolling.

4. Build a rapport with the dentist

It is necessary to have a good connection with the dentist. One should visit a dentist they trust and discuss their case history freely. Another vital aspect to remember is to select a dentist who can explain the issues and course of treatment in detail. Also, choosing a place where you feel less intimidated is even more critical. One should also make sure to select a dentist that is most convenient for them.

5. Steer clear of bad eating habits

The food we eat is crucial in maintaining our oral health. Sugary, sticky, and acidic food damages the teeth early. Even smoking and tobacco intake can increase the risk of developing dental problems and oral cancers. It’s always better to keep such habits at bay to maintain oral health.

6. Regular appointments with the dentist

A visit to the dental clinic should not depend on the pain or problem. Dentist visits should get scheduled every six months to keep an eye on oral health to save their general health. One must not shy away from treatments like fillings, cleanings, whitening, and braces (if required). If left ignored, these problems will do massive damage later on.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice. 


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