DNA testing and dental records likely needed to ID storage locker body in Maquon

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department says an autopsy was scheduled for Monday morning for the body found in a Maquon storage unit on Friday night.

Sgt. Brad Davis with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department says he’s waiting on an “official identification” before he can release any names.

He suspects most likely dental records or DNA testing will be needed to make an ID.

The Sheriff’s Department says around 6 p.m. Friday they responded to 105 East 3rd St. in Maquon for a suspicious odor.

Inside the unit, police found a large box that contained a dead body.

The body was is such a state of disrepair making an identification was deemed impossible without medical testing.

Investigators from the Illinois State Police CSI have been called in.

WGIL will pass on any information to the public that we receive from police as this story develops.


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