DIY Dollar Tree Dentist Kit Is A Must-Have

Teaching little ones to brush their teeth properly is basically a never-ending responsibility that doesn’t just fall on the dentist. Nope, it’s up to us, the parents, to teach our children how to make sure their teeth are clean and their toothbrush isn’t just used for lobbing toothpaste all over the bathroom counter and sink.

What most first-time parents don’t realize is that lessons on brushing teeth don’t just stop when your toddler can grasp a toothbrush and make circular motions all over their mouths. Nope, you have to keep beating the dental hygiene drum well into childhood.

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And that, my cavity-free friends, is why this DIY dentist kit is a brilliant mom hack (and not just because you can buy all of the supplies at Dollar Tree for less than $5).

Not only does this show our little ones how important it is to clean all the nooks and crannies of our teeth and gums, but it makes the task fun. And it keeps them busy! Win-win-win, all around.

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In the comments section of the video, multiple dental hygienists shared their approval for the DIY toothbrushing hack.

The American Dental Association fully supports the idea that brushing can and should be fun, and this looks like the perfect way to accomplish just that!

If you can’t find these exact products at your local Dollar Tree, don’t worry. We’ve got you.



You can use any toothbrush to get these chompers clean! They work great for teaching kids and adults alike.

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This is a 25-piece dentist play set with realistic pretend play dental care essentials to give cleanings, treat cavities, and fit retainers and braces on an over-sized set of pretend teeth!


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