DIO signs product training and supply accord with global dental company

DIO said Monday it has signed a product training and supply contract with a global dental service organization (DSO), following a previous supply agreement with another large distributor with 100,000 dental clinics in the U.S.

DIO has secured solid growth in the U.S. market with a recent series of contracts with large dental distributors.

DIO said it would provide sequential training on its digital implant “DIOnavi” to doctors at 1,500 dental hospitals belonging to the DSO with an initial of “H”, further strengthening sales and business in the U.S. DIO said it would not reveal its partner’s name, citing business reasons.

DIO’s U.S. partner plans to expand the number of its dental clinics to 20,000, raising expectations that the dental supplies of DIO will continue to expand. As a result, the company expects to record sales of about $4 million (5 billion won) this year and up to $92 million in 2026.

DIO also plans to expand its business area to the second- and third-largest DSO companies in the U.S. this year based on this contract.

“We plan to continue expanding our business with additional large DSOs and distribution chains.” a company official stated.


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