Dentsply Sirona Unveils New Digital Universe Based on Google Cloud

In today’s news, Dentsply Sirona unveils the DS Core – a digital platform on Google Cloud which includes the company’s digital dentistry workflow.

The technology allows dentists to streamline their work while working in collaboration with labs, partners, and specialists and enhance communication with the patients. The program was designed while keeping in mind the modern-day requirements and the dentist’s needs and security in mind. 

According to Dr Cord Staehler, chief technology officer at Dentsply Sirona.

“We are very proud that we are now ready to take the next step in our mission to make digital dentistry easy to integrate into dental offices. In line with our recently launched collaboration with Google Cloud, this enables seamless workflows and the highest level of connectivity with the ultimate goal in mind: the best treatment outcome for patients.” 

The digital platform has an automatic software update to give access to the latest features and versions. The software is easy to use, efficient and cost-effective. Meanwhile, the software can also be connected easily to Dentsply Sirona equipment making the access easier across multiple devices. 

The Subscription 

More than 50,000 people attended the online launch event. The subscription program was launched at the online event, and it is said that it comes with an element of enhanced security. In cases when files are transferred to users who do not own a subscription, the same level of security will be maintained. There will be no extra cost for the transfers, and the subscriptions are compliant with the US and EU data protection laws. 

Dentsply is introducing Core-create and Core-care, two different services so dentists can get the most out of digital dentistry. 

Ds Core-Create is a tool to take your dental designs to the next level. Core-Create allows dentists access to high-quality expert-level designs catered to individual needs. These designs allow the dentist to create a tool based on various indications. The simple steps make the workflow efficient without being time-consuming. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the initial scans will help the dentists evaluate whether the scans are enough for design creation. 

Ds Core-Care – an equipment service which provides a seamless customer experience. The easy-to-understand and comprehensive technology allow dentists to harmonise their dental treatments so that they can spend more time on their patients. 

While talking about the Core-Create and Core-Care technology, Cord Staehler said, 

By launching this digital universe with DS Core at its centre and services like DS Core Create and DS Core Care, as well as solutions like Primeprint, we are positioning Dentsply Sirona at the forefront of digital dentistry. Most importantly, we help dental practitioners to unlock the full potential of their work so that they can focus on what matters most: treating patients and giving them healthy smiles.” 

Dentsply also launched a printing system, ‘Primetime solution’, to help dentists and technicians work on their treatments and services. The primetime solution is a highly automated medical-grade 3D printing system. The program runs the printing system, including post-print analysis allowing the dentists to optimise dental treatments. The device allows practitioners to print biocompatible equipment with high accuracy reducing the handling time while maximising productivity. 

While these programs require specific licences and registration periods, the software’s rollout time is different for different countries. The software launch will be phased to ensure excellent customer service. 


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