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Teeth Whitening Safety 9-13-22

LAND ‘O’ LAKES, Wis. (WJFW) – Everybody wants to have that perfect smile. “The expectations that people see through that are usually bright white teeth,” said Dr. Laura Goll. “Aligned teeth, big smile so a lot of people are attempting to achieve what they’re seeing,” she added. 

Dr. Laura Goll, a dentist at Schinedelhoz Dental says social media influencers are showing people how to whiten their teeth at home using acidic foods. “That is extremely harmful to your teeth, especially things that are extremely acidic can actually dissolve your teeth instead of whitening them,” said Goll.” “So, it might look like you’re whitening but you actually took away a layer of your tooth,” she said.

Your teeth will disappear; it will melt away permanently,” said Dr. Peter Schinelholz. Dr. Peter Schinedelhoz, has been in the dental field for forty- two years. He says even though some results may work on people, everybody’s teeth are not the same. “Some people shouldn’t whiten it their teeth because they will look grayer or look darker,” said Dr. Peter Schinedelhoz. “The average person yes it will get whiter but some people won’t change significantly,” he said. 

If you don’t take care of your teeth, you can end up losing them. Having a good diet as well as brushing and flossing everyday will make a difference. “There’s national erosion that occurs from that you eat and it will remineralize,” he said. “The tooth will repair itself, but if there’s too much acid, there’s no chance to repair and it will be gone forever,” said Schinelholz.


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