Dental robot in Oklahoma could provide less recovery time with minimally-invasive implant procedure

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An easier, faster and more accurate procedure for dental patients in Oklahoma. 

The first and only FDA-cleared dental robot in the world, which performs dental implant procedures, is being conducted in the metro. 

“I really anticipated that there was going to be a lot of discomfort and I was going to be out of work for a few days. I was working when I left here and went right to the office,” said Karl Holliman, patient who had the procedure done.

The YOMI Dental System is less invasive than traditional dental implant surgery, resulting in less recovery time for patients. 

That’s exactly what patients like Holliman told KFOR their experience was.  

“I was surprised there was no discomfort, I would highly recommend it because, again, it can be scary. It can be pretty invasive. Everyone’s different. But the fact that it went so quick, the recovery time was very quick and there was no discomfort. It was just one of those that if you don’t do it, I wouldn’t go the other way,” said Holliman.

Lauren Hanna had the procedure done before without this robotic system and noticed a difference.  

“The healing time was faster, and it just didn’t really hurt at all… It took longer and to heal from that one than it did from the one with the robot,” said Lauren Hanna, patient who had the procedure done.

Dr. Matthew Holloman is trained in the procedure and says the robotic system helps plan a patient’s individual procedure and then guides him through the operation. 

“When I started looking at the Yomi Dental Robotics System, it really came down to two questions. Will it make me a better surgeon? And we’ll improve our patients outcomes. And looking at it, I decided the answers to those were yes. So we had to have it,” said Dr. Matthew Holloman, dentist in Edmond Oklahoma.

“Occasionally in the middle of surgery, we will run into a situation where you have to make changes. And it’s great to with Yomi, we can make those changes on the on the go and still function within a guided surgical setting,” said Dr. Holloman.

Dr. Holloman says he has performed around 75 procedures in Edmond so far.  

“It’s really exciting. This this type of advancement in dentistry comes along maybe every couple of decades. And it’s really exciting to be a part of that and to be able to offer that to our patients here,” said Dr. Holloman.

Currently, he is the only general dentist in the state of Oklahoma who is doing these procedures (according to YOMI), which are typically done by oral surgeons and other specialized dentists. 

“That’s a big deal, because typically a lot of these patients get referred out to specialists and sometimes patients don’t want to travel outside of their general dentist’s office… Typically, the dentist will go through a formal implant training, whether that’s in dental school or after dental school. And then we provide a very comprehensive training program with a robot,” said Michael Palahach, director of clinical operations and training for Yomi Robotic System.

There are just over 100 of these robotic systems in the nation – three of which are in Oklahoma, and there are none overseas.


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