Dental Council issues statement on Oranmore orthodontist after treatment suspended

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A message was sent to patients last week stating that Dr. Hahessy is currently not practicising and is in hospital – and will not be in a position to return to return to practice for approximately 9 months.

The Dental Council of Ireland has now issued a statement to Galway Talks, in which it says it’s limited in the comment it can make publicly.

However, it says it can confirm that in an order of the High Court, Dr. Anne Hahessy undertook not to engage in the practice of dentistry until steps are taken by the Dental Council.

It further states it is aware of texts sent out by the practice to patients – and says the content of these texts are of serious concern.

The Council says the communications appear to place the onus on patients and parents of patients to arrange for future care and seem to be equivocal on the question of fees already paid.

It concludes that the Dental Council has received almost 200 phone calls and emails from patients and parents since the first text was issued last Friday.



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