Dental checkup for the intellectually compromised by BUDC

Karachi: Bahria University Dental College (BUDC) conducted an interactive oral health awareness and free dental checkup visit, for the intellectually challenged individuals at Sahara Village Shelter Homes on July 5th, 2022.


Oral disease is a major health problem for adults with disabilities, who have a higher prevalence and severity of oral disease when compared to the general population. High rates of dental caries, missing teeth, periodontal disease, are all indicators of poor oral health in adults with disabilities.

It is important for the dentist to concentrate on a preventive approach and provide proper dental education to disabled individuals.

In the light of this, an interactive oral health awareness and free dental checkup visit was arranged for the intellectually challenged individuals at Sahara Village Shelter Homes Ibrahim, Hydari. The BUDC Health Care Professional (HCP) team inclusive of dental faculty and the dental house officers participated in this activity with great pleasure, they were pleased to be a part of such community support program where they were helping the disabled individuals of society. 


The team comprised of Dr Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi (Vice-Principal & Head of Community Dentistry Department), Dr Maria Moin, Dr Mohsin Haider (MMH) as Senior Lecturer and Dr Hajra Asghar (HA) Lecturer in Department of Community Dentistry and Dr Rumaisa, Dr Hareem, Dr Bushra, Dr Aneesa as House Officers (HO)

The BUDC HCP team reached the Shelter Home at 10:30 am. The team was cordially greeted by the Administrator and Allied staff. The target audience consisted of 100 individuals (all adults).

Dental checkup was provided to all individuals and the oral health condition was recorded on validated WHO forms, oral hygiene practices such as meticulous tooth brushing techniques were also demonstrated on models. Their knowledge and attitude about oral health and their oral health related quality of life was also assessed via a questionnaire. The dental health professionals team was dressed professionally, exercised proper social distancing and used appropriate sterilization and cross infection protocols. 

All the individuals were provided with oral hygiene aid as a token of goodwill for reinforcement of the brushing habits and maintenance of proper oral hygiene. 

The oral health as assessed by the HCP team was generally considered as poor because of lack of resources and of course lack of motivation. The HCP team actively reinforced those deficiencies and hence fulfilling the purpose of oral health education and promotion i.e. serving the disadvantaged population.  

The shelter home’s administrator and staff members were very pleased with the oral health activity and had their queries and problems addressed. The BUDC team looks forward to conduct more of such oral health awareness sessions in future.




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