Dental Care Tips For A Cavity-Free Diwali

All festivals get celebrated with great fervour in India. Diwali is no exception. Late-night card parties, delicious finger food, sweets, and drinks are an integral part of the festivities. It is also a time when people tend to let their guards down and go overboard.

However, it is during these festive times we should take extra care of our health and teeth. Consuming sweets and acidic food can promote bacterial growth in our mouths.

“The bacterial presence in the mouth sticks to the teeth forming a biofilm called plaque. The said biofilm is capable of damaging the enamel. When the plaque remains on the teeth for a prolonged time, it accumulates minerals from the saliva and hardens into forming tarts,” says Dr. Anil Arora, Dental expert and knowledge head, Illusion Aligners. It can irritate and damage the gums causing gingivitis, tooth decay, and other oral diseases.

Dr Arora shares tips on how to take care of your teeth

When it comes to oral health, preventing problems is easy, less expensive, and less traumatic than curing them. Therefore, it is advised to take good care of our oral health even during the festive days.

The first basic step of maintaining good oral health is brushing one’s teeth properly, twice a day. Flossing and gargles should also be a part of our daily routine. If one is using aligners, then both teeth and the aligners should be cleaned meticulously every day.

Another handy tip that one can follow is to sip water frequently. Sipping water between feasts helps dilute the acid in the mouth, and prevents our teeth from getting damaged.

The festive season is the best time to bond with family and loved ones without worrying about cavities.

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