Dental care plan top priority for Angus as Parliament returns

He’s also pushing for action on price gouging and for a low-income rental supplement

As the fall session starts on Parliament Hill, Timmins-James Bay’s MP is ready to work. 

At the top of Charlie Angus’s priority list is a national dental care plan.

“In last fall’s election, Canadians sent all political parties a very clear message. They are tired of the games. They want us to get down to work and put the interests of Canadians first. I promised people I  would come to Ottawa and push for a national dental care plan. And we have followed through. This is what working for Canadians looks like,” Angus said speaking in the House of Commons this week.

Yesterday, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos tabled new dental-care legislation. If approved, it would provide qualifying low- and middle-income families with children under 12 years with up to $650 per child each year for dental care services.

Angus is also working to see action to help people from getting gouged by rising prices.

“We pushed for doubling the GST tax credit to help people get by as they face relentless gouging by big oil and the grocery barons. We are pushing the government to move on a low-income rental supplement because these are hard times for people,” he said in a news release.

Political leaders are also being urged by the veteran local MP to rebuild trust with the public.

“Democracy is a fragile thing. And we all need to do better in an age of disinformation conspiracy theory and rising levels of political threats. Canadians gave us their trust to work for them. I make it my promise in this Parliament to live up to that trust,” he said.


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