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GREENSBURG — The Decatur County Community Clinic previously located just north of Decatur County Memorial Hospital has moved to 1821 N. Broadway Street, on the east end of Rural King Shopping Center.

In business in the yellow house on the north edge of DCMH property since 1984, the Clinic moved to a new location to clear the way for DCMH expansion,.

The new location recently welcomed the public with an open house, refreshments and a tour of the new facility

RN Rosie Stier and her board of directors are the driving forces behind the county’s only low-income clinic.

“Our rent at Rural King is higher, and to turn a what used to be a collection center into a clinic setting, well that comes with a cost,” Stier said.

Being a not for profit, the clinic pays Stier a modest salary, but most of the other positions including board members are all volunteer. Every year, the clinic relies on funding from the United Fund, the Decatur County Council, the Decatur County Commissioners, churches and private donors to meet their yearly financial responsibilities.

At their previous location, the $800 per month for rent “was doable,” said Stier, but rent at the new location is considerably higher: $1,300 per month for 2023.

“Our patients have no insurance, or is they have any at all it’s usually inadequate,” said Stier. “They’re low income and have to meet our poverty guidelines and must be living in Decatur County, but we never turn anyone away if they don’t have the money.”

For dental appointments, the clinic charges $20, and for medical appointments $10. Previously, dental clinics were performed at Dr. Noles’ offices, but with the new space, dental and medical appointments are all in the same location.

The new location is bright, clean and efficient, with all the construction finished. There’a certain pride with which Stier shares the saga of their relocation, and that pride is well earned.

“Someone came in the other day and said, ‘It looks like a doctors’ office here.’” she said. “And I said, ‘Well, it IS a doctors’ office!’”

The new clinic has room for a private check-in office where patrons can fill out their paperwork, private examination rooms, a dental room, and a medical personnel office where all patients’ files are kept under lock and key.

“The yellow house wasn’t bad, but this layout really helps us with our patients’ privacy, too,” Stier said.

Stier recommends that new patients who are on multiple medications bring them with them to their first appointment at the clinic.

Dr. Mary McCullough is the medical officer for the facility, and Drs. Fletcher and NP Carrie Troutman give of their time on their days off.

Clinic hours are the first and third Thursday evenings of the month, and a licensed medical professional is on site during those hours. Other clinic hours are the second and fourth Tuesday mornings.

Stier recommends calling to make an appointment, but walk-ins are accepted.

“We’re really looking to pick up more patients,” she said.

She admits that even though there’s been a clinic in Greensburg for more than 30 years, many still don’t know it exists; Stier hopes that being on a main thoroughfare will make them more visible.

To help defray the expense of the new location, from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 25, Wendy’s in Greensburg will donate 20 percent of their proceeds when customers mention the clinic by name.

For more information about the Decatur County Community Clinic, call 812-663-7707 or visit them on Facebook.


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