CPSP grants accreditation of FCPS to AIDM

Karachi: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan allows FCPS accreditation to Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine (AIDM).

On the basis of a physical inspection conducted by CPSP on July 21, 2022, CPSP accords accreditation rights to AIDM, in the following subjects:

1. Periodontology 

2. Prosthodontics 

According to CPSP rules, in order to continue the status of maintaining accreditation rights, AIDM has to apply for a re inspection 3 months prior to expiry.

This inspection is to take place again in 5 years to ensure maintenance of quality standards and improvement.

The FCPS training and PG trainee induction is to be conducted as per CPSP policy in order to remain in accordance with the rules of the institution.


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