Consensus announced on SRB sales tax for Dental Surgeons

Karachi: A team of senior Dental Surgeons including Dr Kamran Vasfy, Dr Asif Niaz Arain, Dr Mumtaz Khan, and Dr Awab Alvi, on behalf of the Pakistan Dental Association, have successfully completed negotiations with Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) with respect to ‘Scope of Imposition of Sales Tax by SRB under the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act 2011 under section 2 (29A), leviable on Dental Procedures undertaken by all Dental Surgeons of the Sindh Province’.

The agreement announced that the officials of Sindh Revenue Board have facilitated the dental community in its request to reduce the amount of tax of dental services. The sales tax has been set at 13% , and can be charged on the following aesthetic dental procedures.

·       Bleaching of Teeth undertaken for Cosmetic purposes.

·       Dental Veneers given to patients for Cosmetic and/or Smile Design purposes.

·       Lingual Orthodontics.

·       Gold teeth.

·       Placement of diamond/ dental jewelry on teeth/ tongue.

·       Smile Makeover / Smile enhancement procedures

Furthermore, the Sales Tax by SRB on any of the above dental treatments will be leviable on Dental Surgeons a “Self-Assessment Returns” basis by dental surgeons. The Honorable Chairman, SRB, has also assured that he will recommend the Sindh Government to allow Dental Surgeons to file their Self-Assessment Returns on a Quarterly basis, instead of every month, and set a reduced sales tax amount to 5%. This shall apply once approval is granted by Sindh Cabinet. 

Dr Mahmood Shah, President PDA (Pakistan Dental Association) has welcomed this consensus between SRB and PDA. PDA has also assured SRB of its full support in the registrations of dentists.

In view of the above, all Dental Surgeons engaged in private dental practices across Sindh have been advised by the PDA to immediately register with SRB, through their portal ( or physically at SRB Head Office, situated on 3rd floor, Shaheen Complex, Karachi.

If prompt registration is not done, SRB has announced that it can initiate legal proceedings under Section 24 of the Sindh Sales Act on Services Act 2011, against defaulting Dental Surgeons.



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