Collision impact reducer developed by woman dentist in Kerala gets U.K. patent

Collision Impact Reducer, a device developed by a Thrissur-based woman dentist and intended for reducing the impact of collisions involving automobiles, has received patent granted in the United Kingdom.

The invention by Dhanya R.S. has already been granted patent in India. The device has been developed with an objective of saving lives, reducing injuries and lessening other damage during accidents.

In addition to vehicles, the device can be used on crash guards, pillars of bridges, railway lines, culverts of bridges, road medians, hand rails, ships, harbours, boats, boat jetties, seaports and on most areas with increased probability for collisions.

Dr. Dhanya says everyday reports about accidents and casualties prompted her to develop such a device. “It can be installed on the front, rear and sides of light, medium and heavy vehicles. It effectively reduces the severity of impact by absorbing the intense energy generated during collisions. The system also has technology to prevent the ‘recoil effect’ that occurs when the absorbed energy attempts to get released. Technically, it is a mechanical system, so it is more reliable and relatively inexpensive,” she says.

The dentist had applied for patent in the United States and the United Kingdom after receiving a favourable International Search Report on the application submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Dr. Dhanya has also secured a U.S. patent grant for a technology named ‘digitalised high value paper currency’ meant for preventing counterfeiting of currency.

Hailing from Chavakkad in Thrissur, Dr. Dhanya holds an MDS in Public Health Dentistry and is a teaching faculty of Public Health Dentistry at PSM Dental College, Akkikavu, Thrissur.


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