Clinico-Pathological Conference held in Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College

Lahore: Akhtar Saeed Medical and dental college organise clinico-pathological conferences (case presentation session) every Friday by House officers as part of their clinical rotation under the supervision of concerned senior faculty members. 

House officers decided their topic of case presentation and after approval from the supervising teacher, presented in front of the principal, Vice principal, dean, all faculty members, and their colleagues. 

House Officer’s presented cases from clinical departments like oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, periodontology, operative, and orthodontics with a key aspects like history, clinical examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan appropriate for their cases. 

The key purpose of these CPC’s was to enhance HO’s communication, and research skills, patient experience, and correlative subject knowledge with treatment planning. 

The certificate was awarded to each CPC participant. 

  • Dr Fazila Zahid: Generalized aggressive periodontitis.Each of the main treatment modalities were discussed along with clinical cases as examples. These cases are being treated at Akhtar Saeed Dental Clinics under the supervision of Dr Ahmad Ch in the department of Periodontology
  • Dr Hania Irfan Haider: Tooth and implant Supported Overdenture. She presented  few of the cases she herself had done under the supervision of Dr Irfan Head of Department, Prosthodontics
  • Dr Mehroz Ahmad Khan: Zygomatic and mandibular fractures in RTA. He discussed no. cases in Pakistan reported related to RTA. Treatment options in kids and adults
  • Dr Romessa Anis: Odontogenic infections in which She discussed buccal space infection & Ludwig’s angina. Principles of management & protocols for antibiotic administration.


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