Chosing Mercedes service director over dentistry

When Jen Campbell worked as a service adviser for Mercedes-Benz of New London in Connecticut, she liked making long- lasting connections with her customers.

“I work really hard to remember people’s names and faces, because they come often,” she says.

If there was any doubt Campbell has built meaningful connections with her customers, that was erased when she returned to the store in May after leaving to work for a software company for a couple of years. On her desk was a bouquet of flowers from one of her customers welcoming her back.

“That was pretty cool,” she says.

Campbell originally went to school to become an orthodontist. After college, she worked for a while as a dental assistant but, “I hated it,” she says.

So in 2019 she moved from North Carolina to Connecticut to take part in a management training program for rental car company Enterprise. There, she connected with the service director from the Mercedes-Benz dealership, who asked if she’d be interested in learning about a service adviser role. Campbell knew nothing about cars.

“I came in and he showed me around and I’m like, ‘I could do this,'” she says. “I like people. I can talk to people about anything.”

She worked at the dealership for about two years before leaving to join service lane software company eAdvisor. Campbell enjoyed the work, but often found herself alone on the road traveling.

In spring 2022, the owners of the Mercedes-Benz store asked if she would return as service director. She jumped at the opportunity.

“One of the big pros was coming back to all the guys who I’ve worked with for years and I love,” Campbell says. “I missed all my technicians.”

Her goals as service director include increasing revenue, adding technicians, and hiring an assistant and a service adviser liaison. Eventually, she’d like to become a fixed ops director.

“For me to create those positions, we have to grow,” Campbell says.

Till then, she practices what her mentor taught her when she first got into the business: “If you treat people well, the money will follow.”

First car: Nissan Altima

First concert you attended: Mac Miller

Name a pet peeve: Disorganization

Most thrilling/adventurous thing you’ve done: Climbed Camelback Mountain in Arizona in 100-degree heat

Your personal hero: My mom. She is the strongest and hardest-working woman I know; I owe everything to her.

First job: I was a party attendant at a place where children held birthday parties and painted pottery.

Something on your bucket list: Go on a safari in Africa with my husband

If you could pick up a new skill, what would it be? Computer coding

3 people you’d invite to dinner, living or dead: Princess Diana, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Kris Jenner

What’s your Netflix binge show? “The Sandman” (my friend Mason is “Desire” in the show)

You’re queen for a day. What’s your first order? Outlaw cargo pants outside of the workshop

First album/CD you bought: “Dream Street” by Janet Jackson

The most important room in your house: My closet

Favorite line from a movie/TV show: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” Michael Scott, “The Office”

Who’s on your Spotify playlist? Olivia Rodrigo, Luke Combs, Chainsmokers, Morgan Wallen, Mayday Parade


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