Candy Taster 76,000 Euros Per Year And Dental Plan

On LinkedIn, job offers are very broad. There’s something for everyone. This is confirmed by a task provided in the profile of Canadian company Candy Funhouse, where they seek an inexperienced “Willy Wonka” taster of sweets. Situation: To be the “first” and “only” candy director in the world.

That’s right, Canadian confectionery company Candy Funhouse is looking for someone. 100,000 Canadian dollars (about 76,000 euros) to eat their products for 365 days.

“First” and “Only” Candy Directors in the World

The defined position in the LinkedIn portal is that of being the Director of Sweets, and yes, the first and only such position of its kind. ,Do you like all things sweet and chocolatey? Are you passionate about confectionery delights and discovering new and existing products? If so, this is the perfect position for you!”, It is appreciated in a job offer of the Candy Funhouse profile.

official candy seal of approval

Job Description Description: “This opportunity is for working from home or offices in Toronto, Canada (Canadian residents) or Newark, New Jersey (US residents). Salary is up to $100,000 annually. Lead the candy strategy ‘Funhouse’, This involves approving all candies in inventory and deciding whether to reward each candy with a ‘Seal of Approval of the Chief Candy Officer’.

Responsibilities that future directors will assume include holding meetings for the candy board to decide which products to sell and leading the “funhouse” candy strategy.

No limit on age, experience and dental coverage

Applicants have until the end of the month (August 31) to send their work history, Candidates are not limited by location or age to apply (the company says applicants under the age of five are welcome and no experience is required).

Candy Funhouse asks if applicants have “Chocolate runs in her veins”, “Sweet Tooth, Pop Culture and the Sweet Tooth”. Application that has reached thousands of underage netizens who have created their LinkedIn profile to apply.

The company also provides “Palate Training” and a “Comprehensive Dental Plan”.


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