Can Pregnant Women Get Dental X rays?

The process of taking dental x-rays is familiar to everyone who has visited the dentist for a normal checkup and cleaning. Your dentist will take a few brief images of your teeth with an x-ray machine. There are no harmful side effects for the patient from this extremely small dose of radiation. What about dental x-rays during pregnancy?

While your body is going through a lot of changes during pregnancy, you shouldn’t stop practicing good oral hygiene just because you’re expecting. In fact, it’s crucial to take especially good care of your teeth during pregnancy to prevent conditions like pregnancy gingivitis. If you maintain your normal dental checkup schedule, it’s likely that you’ll need dental X-rays at some time. 

Are dental X-rays safe for pregnant women? is common query dentists receive. The quick response is yes! While it’s okay to get dental X-rays while pregnant, there are a few additional things you might want to consider while organizing your dental care.


X-Rays are safe during pregnancy

The safety of dental x-rays has significantly improved with technology over time. To use x-rays in a dental office setting, dentists and dental hygienists are taught to follow strict safety regulations. To keep patients secure,

·       Only use X-ray machines that have been inspected and licensed by state and municipal authorities.

·       A protective apron will cover the abdomen of pregnant women to block any x-ray radiation and safeguard the unborn child.

·       Modern x-ray technology requires a relatively brief radiation exposure to acquiring an image.

·       Exposing patients to radiation at a lower dose than most other medical imaging methods.

Dental x-rays during pregnancy do not harm the unborn child for the aforementioned reasons.


Dental X-Ray precautions for pregnant women

The fetus develops at its fastest rate throughout the first three months of pregnancy. Many expecting mothers may choose to postpone receiving dental x-rays until after this sensitive time has passed as a result. Most medical specialists will advise delaying any dental work at least until the second trimester. 

The baby is probably in lower danger. By the third trimester, the patient could find it difficult to spend a lot of time lying on their back. This is why basic operations or cleanings are ideal during the second trimester. If a patient requires urgent dental care during the first trimester, there are no known hazards or harm to the growing embryo. This includes treatments like crowns and root canals. It is best to postpone aesthetic dental treatments like veneers or teeth whitening until after the patient has given birth.


Getting dental x-rays while pregnant is safe. Dental x-rays are safe to take while pregnant as long as the right precautions are taken, according to the American Dental Association. A vest-like shield may cover your chest, stomach, and reproductive organs with dental assistants to prevent radiation from penetrating those areas. It is typically recognized as safe to have this very small level of radiation for a brief period of time due to this safeguard.


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