BURST® Oral Care Launches Bestselling Sonic Toothbrush and Water Flosser at Walmart Nationwide

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BURST® Oral Care is sonic-shaking things up yet again, this time with their launch in 1210+ Walmart locations and on Walmart.com. Shoppers can now get their hands on the company’s hygienist and dentist-designed products in much-adored colors like stylish matte lavender and glamorous rose gold.

Expect a range of BURST products to hit shelves, including their Sonic Toothbrush ($69.98) and Water Flosser ($69.98). And with their community of 35k+ hygienist and dentist Ambassadors eager to connect with patients in-store, the company is one step closer to making oral healthcare accessible to all.

“We’re so thrilled to launch at Walmart,” said BURST founders Brittany Stewart and Hamish Khayat. “Walmart brings value and convenience to their customers through their seamless, one-stop shopping experience. By working together and expanding our physical footprint, we’ll be able to further BURST’s mission of making the best oral care products available to everyone at an accessible price point.”

This accessibility is especially welcomed in communities where access to healthcare, let alone affordable healthcare, is hard to come by. That’s why BURST’s formidable dental professional community will play a hands-on role as oral health educators and allies in their new Walmart ecosystem. They’re also just a fun bunch to be around!

To celebrate their launch at Walmart, BURST has partnered with Baby2Baby, an organization that provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. The brand will be donating 1,000 tubes of BURSTkids toothpaste and a generous monetary donation, which will help Baby2Baby provide half a million diapers to families in need across the country.

About BURST®

Brittany Stewart and Hamish Khayat knew there was a problem with the oral care industry. Where was the innovation? The affordability? And why the heck weren’t more dental professionals included in product development? They (presumably) shouted into the oral care void.

They launched BURST® in 2017. Since day one, they’ve fostered a growing community of dental professionals to collaborate on every product they create. With these Ambassadors by their side, this oral care dream team is well on its way to making affordable, effective oral care products available to all. The next step in world domination? Walmart!

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