Bridgeport organ recipient united with News 12 viewer who donated $14K toward operation

A Bridgeport man who recently received a lifesaving transplant is thanking a News 12 Connecticut viewer this holiday season for helping to make the operation possible.

For the first time in years, 56-year-old Arthur Gonzalez does not have to go to dialysis this week — or hopefully ever again — because he just got a new kidney. He’s thanking News 12 Connecticut viewer Bob Fiondella for helping to make the operation possible.

Gonzalez’s story was first featured on News 12 over the summer.

Gonzalez was the next in line to get a kidney transplant at Yale New Haven Hospital, but his doctors would not go ahead with the big operation until he checked one very important box by getting all the dental work he needed first — a standard requirement for organ transplants since dental infections can prove fatal to an organ recipient.

The only problem was, Gonzales’ insurance was refusing to pay for the $14,000 in dental work.

Gonzales thanked Fiondella and Dr. Zachary Roth at Dental Care of Stamford Thursday for doing his part by giving the nonprofit a big discount.


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