Brick thrown through window at Oklahoma City dental practice

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City dentist is looking for the person who threw a brick through the window of his practice. Not only is the repair going to top $1,000, but his staff and patients are more worried than ever.

Dr. Mark Youngker of Smile Appeal Orthodontics told KFOR there are panhandlers in front of his practice that refuse to stop hanging out there. He said he’s now at his wit’s end, believing one of them has possibly thrown a brick through his office window at 7421 S. Western Ave.

“Apparently, it went through the glass, hit the floor and bounced up and made a dent in the wall,” Youngker said.

It’s what the orthodontist said he’s been fearing – that the panhandlers that he sees hanging outside of his dental practice would become destructive and violent.

“Because we’ve had them walk in here before and ask for money and ask to use the restroom and stuff,” Youngker said. “It’s just really kind of difficult for my staff because they’re women and then my patients, I have children and women and it’s just kind of alarming when they come in and there’s people out there that are kind of intimidating and asking for money.”


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