B.C. dentist suspended for sexual misconduct

A B.C. dentist who admitted to having “an inappropriate and unprofessional personal and sexual relationship” with a patient has been suspended for eight months.

The investigation into misconduct allegations against Dr. Ernst Schandl dates back to 2018, according to the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, which posted a summary of the disciplinary proceedings online Tuesday.

The regulatory body became involved when Schandl “self-reported” the relationship more than four years ago. A complaint made by the patient followed a “few weeks later,” the public notification from the college says.

“The Inquiry Committee determined the investigation raised serious concerns with Dr. Schandl’s breach of professional ethics and treatment of this patient and directed the Registrar to issue a citation against Dr. Schandl,” it continues.

A hearing scheduled for May of this year was cancelled when Schandl proposed a consent agreement, admitting to sexual misconduct in the four-month-long relationship with the patient as well as professional misconduct by failing to maintain proper medical records for that patient.

The college’s inquiry committee accepted the agreement on May 12, permitting the date of the suspension to be delayed until July “given the need to accommodate the registrant’s practicum student and to minimize the impact on the continuity of patient care in the community,” the public notification says.

While he is suspended he is required to “prominently post signage” at his Cranbrook practice and is prohibited from being paid for or providing any type of patient care, the college’s order says. Schandl will also have to successfully complete a “Professional Boundaries and Ethics Course” and pay the college $2,000.


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