Aston Villa player Ian Taylor pops to Malvern dentist

Ian Taylor, ex-player for Aston Villa, registered as a permanent patient at Malvern Hills Dental Care in Somers Road. 

Mr Taylor travels from Lichfield to have his dental work done by Guri Nandra, owner of Malvern Hills Dental Care.

Mr Nandra said: “He will be a regular patient from now on.

“Last Wednesday (May 25), was his first visit.

“He comes to see me all the way from Lichfield because he loves my dentistry.

“I do the dentistry of quite a few at Villa because I used to work in Birmingham.

“Since I’ve brought the practice here a few of them have followed me over.” 

“He is an absolutely lovely guy, just fantastic.

“He has friends in Malvern as well, at London House Cafe on Malvern Link so that helps him to come and see me.

“I have known him for many years, we do lots of charity fundraising together.”

As Mr Taylor is soon to be a permanent patient at Malvern Hills Dental Care, he will be visiting Malvern again but Mr Nandra could not disclose exactly when he will be returning.

The two have worked together before as part of the charity group “Punjabi Villains”.

Mr Nandra added: “Punjabi Villains has been going for about ten years with the aim of helping diversity in football, working with Villa supporters of Pubjabi heritage. 

“He has also recently helped me with a charity walk from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to Villa Park.

“It took five days and we were raising money for blind and visually impaired peope with a charity called Eye Can and he helped us with that.”

Ian Taylor played as a midfielder for Aston Villa and had a fifteen-year career in the Football League and Premier League.

He is known for having scored 103 goals in 577 league and cup competitions.

Mr Taylor now frequently appears as a pundit in sports television. 


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