Another suspect in Chinese dental clinic shooting case arrested – Pakistan

KARACHI: A big development was made in the investigation of firing incident on a dental clinic of a Chinese national in Sadar area, Karachi as the CTD police with the help of an intelligence agency on Sunday arrested another suspect involved in the high-profile shooting case.

The CTD claimed to have arrested another suspect involved in the attack on a dental clinic run by a Chinese doctor in Karachi. They said that the suspect was arrested as a result of various raids, the CTD conducted in collaboration with a sensitive agency of the country.

They revealed that the suspect was an accomplice of prime suspect Waqar Kushik who had already been arrested on Oct 14 by the CTD. They said that the suspect helped Waqar to flee the scene by driving him to safety on his motorcycle after the shooting.

On the pointation of prime suspect Waqar and with the help of technological assistance, the police have arrested another four suspects involved in the shooting.

The police are also undertaking investigations regarding the contacts of the arrested suspects with the head and commanders of an outlawed organization.

The investigators are conducting forensic analyses of the suspects’ mobile phones and the recovered gun.

On Sept 28, a Chinese dentist couple were critically wounded when a man posing as patient entered their clinic in a busy commercial area of Saddar and opened indiscriminate fire on the victims injuring Dr Richard Hu, his wife Phen Teyin and killing their assistant Ronald Raymond Chou.

Dr Richard Hu ran this private clinic in Karachi for more than 40 years and the three victims held dual nationality of China and Pakistan, a police official told media after the shooting.

Police on Oct 14, arrested a suspect, Waqar Kushik, who was said to be associated with the Sindh People’s Army and was caught during a targeted operation. The police claimed that the suspect’s footprint was carefully examined and identified with the help of intelligence officials and the suspect’s motorcycle that was used in the attack was also recovered.


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