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Animalcare has launched Plaqtiv+ dental wipes, designed to capture minerals and inhibits biofilm maturation to reduce the formation of calculus.

Animalcare says the wipes deliver tartar reduction with some mechanical action without the difficulties that some owners experience when using a toothbrush. The company says they can also help owners grow more comfortable with handling their pets’ mouths before they progress to full toothbrushing. 

Animalcare Senior Brand Manager Eleanor Workman Wright said: “With periodontal disease so common in dogs and cats, supporting owners to help them start and maintain an oral health regime for their pet is essential. 

“Toothbrushing is, of course, the Gold Standard but it must be done frequently to achieve a significant degree of efficacy.

“For many owners this is just not possible and, if they find it difficult, the risk is that they then give up and their pet’s oral health is neglected.

“One of the founding principles of the Plaqtiv+ range is to offer proven technology in multiple formats which can be used daily by owners as an alternative to toothbrushing, as part of a programme to build up to toothbrushing or within a multi-modal framework.

“Launching our new dental wipes is the latest step in achieving this goal.”

To support Plaqtiv+, Animalcare has published a website with content for both veterinary professionals and pet owners. 

For veterinary professionals, there’s advice about how to start discussions with clients about dental care and tools to help them recognise signs of dental pain.

The pet owner site offers information on the importance of dental health in pets and advice on establishing a dental care regime.

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